“Municipalities that switch to cash compensation can typically find prices lower than the face value of energy received under a franchise agreement,” the report says. Rates vary by city and range from 0% to 9.9%, depending on ComEd`s latest franchise fee top-up to the Illinois Commerce Commission. `We really only need a new generation of franchise agreements that reflect the objectives of the Community and the current state of the art,` he said. “We are currently in such a phase of dynamic change in the energy markets. Clean energy and capacity costs are changing so fast, and we need agreements that are flexible and can evolve with these changes, or are shorter and allow for more frequent negotiations.¬†Most town halls, police and fire stations and other municipal buildings in the area pay nothing for gas or electricity. This is due to an unusual provision in their supply franchise agreements, which offers local governments “free” energy in exchange for the use of public rights of way. Tempet payers in cities that do not receive unbilled energy also pay a franchise fee. But their governments have an incentive to reduce energy consumption in all public buildings, which can lead to lower property taxes for residents, Pruitt said. At the one-day hearing Thursday, Joseph Dominguez, CEO of La ComEd, apologized for the behavior outlined in the deferred prosecution agreement and promised to work to restore trust with Chicagoans. In that letter, Dominguez apologized for ComEd`s behavior, which led to the utility company`s deferred prosecution agreement with U.S. magistrates.

“While there are a number of substantive issues that require further discussion, we have made progress in modernising the agreement,” Commissioner David Reynolds told the Environment and Energy Committee on Thursday. Reynolds said the city`s franchise negotiations likely go beyond the end of this year, when the current deal ends. When it ends, the conditions will be maintained until a new agreement is in force. However, this unbilled energy results in significant costs to payers in more than 350 municipalities, which together pay hundreds of millions of dollars more than they might otherwise owe as a result of the agreements. According to estimates by Mark Pruitt, a former director of the Illinois Power Agency, who studied how franchise agreements prevent cities from reducing energy costs and investing in clean energy. Request from the Committee on the Environment and Energy Ald. George Cardenas (12) organizes public hearings on ComEd`s franchise agreement by writing ward12@cityofchicago.org an email or phone number at 773.523.8250. Tweet it on @aldcardenas.

Reynolds said the town hall has been known since news of the scandal suspended “further negotiations of franchise agreements” with the distribution company so the city could review its options. The current agreement, which entered into force in 1992, expires on 31 December, although its conditions continue until a new agreement is in force or until one of the parties becomes aware of it. The EPO report cited comments from a ComEd representative, who said that “it has an advantage in maintaining the status quo in franchise agreements. Stable franchise agreements are reassuring for investors, helping to reduce the cost of capital and thus keep the cost of energy low.¬†Lightfoot said a new franchise deal would require significant ethical reforms to the distribution company as well as more ambitious renewable energy targets, which could include more solar-powered electricity and electric municipal vehicles. Nevertheless, she hammered the utility company on its legal and ethical issues and insisted that the city not accept a deal called a franchise agreement.