10.2 You can link to the home page of the website, provided you do so fairly and legally and that will not alter or exploit our reputation, but you cannot set up a link in a way that suggests some form of association, approval or approval on our part, if there is none. You cannot create a link from a website that is not in your possession. We reserve the right to withdraw the link authorization without notice. The site from which you are linked must be in all respects compliant with the content standards of this agreement. You can apply for pre-registration for certain domain names via our backorder/pre-registration service. For each domain name for which you apply for pre-registration, we will make reasonable attempts to acquire such a domain name on your behalf. We do not guarantee that your booking/pre-registration request will allow you to receive the domain name and we expressly reserve the right to refuse (1) additional booking/pre-registration requests or (2) to cancel existing booking/pre-registration requests at any time for any reason. If we refuse or cancel your booking/pre-registration request, we will immediately refund all fees paid for the booking/pre-registration application in the form of an account credit or, depending on our choice, as promotional credits (defined below). With the order/pre-registration request, you agree to the following additional conditions: 1.8 You guarantee that you are at least 18 years old and that you are the person whose data was included in the corresponding registration form at check-in (if any). 11.1 We can offer interactive services on the site, including, but not just on discussion tables and newsletter cards (not to be confused with workshops that are governed by an agreement on other services). When we offer interactive services, we do not have an obligation to monitor, monitor or moderate them, and we expressly exclude our liability for losses or damage resulting from the use of an interactive service by a user who violates our content standards, whether or not the service is animated. For page terms to work properly, you need to disable WordPress recording and enable WooCommerce. We and each registry reserve the right to refuse, cancel or transfer the registration or transaction of domain names, to block, hold or block a similar status, including the transfer as we deem necessary, at our discretion or at the sole discretion of the registration: (i) to protect the integrity and stability of the registration; (ii) comply with all applicable registration policies and/or procedures or ICANN rules and rules, including, but not limited to, the registration agreement; (iii) comply with legislation, government law requirements, requests for prosecution or dispute resolution; (iv) in order to avoid civil or criminal liability on our part or the registry as well as our subsidiaries, subsidiaries, senior executives, directors and employees of the registry; (v) correct errors made by us, another registrar or registration in relation to the domain name; (vi) as a result of the prohibited activity that occurs and is described in Section 4 .b.ii; (vii) in accordance with the provisions of this agreement; or (viii) for the resolution of domain name disputes.

This agreement is for you personal and you cannot delegate your rights or obligations to anyone. 1.4 The registered user means that you have completed the free registration process for registered users correctly and that you have successfully created a username and password.