“Orders” refers to Splunk`s offer or order document (including the online order form) that has been accepted by your order or any other order document sent by Splunk (directly or indirectly through an authorized reseller) to order offers that refer to the offer, capacity, prices and other applicable conditions defined in an applicable offer or order document. Orders do not contain pre-printed terms and conditions of your order or other conditions in an order that, in addition or not, comply with the terms of these Terms and Conditions. All terms and conditions that have been agreed between you and the authorized dealer and which apply in addition to these Terms of Sale are exclusively between you and the authorized dealer. No agreement between you and a licensed dealer engages Splunk or has any force or effect regarding the rights of the offers, their exploitation, their use or their availability. Contact our Splunk team at Carahsoft for more information on splunk@carahsoft.com SoftwareONE`s compliance standards, voormalig Comparex, helpt klanten hun softwareomgeving in te richten en te beheren – von het nu licentie-optimalisatie betreft, het effectief inkopen of het inzetten van een cloud-gebaseer oplossing. Neem kontakt puts ons op via splunk.nl@softwareone.com “Orders” means Splunks Offer or order document (including online order form) that you accept via your order or any other order document sent by Splunk (directly or indirectly through a licensed dealer) to order C-I Services. “documentation”: online user manuals, documentation and support and training materials that are published on Splunk`s website (for example. B in the case of docs.splunk.com/Documentation) or that can be updated from time to time by Splunk. The payment terms below only apply if you buy offers directly from Splunk. If you buy from a licensed dealer, the terms of payment are between you and the authorized dealer.

“Capacity” refers to the measurement of the use of an offer (for example. B aggregated daily volume of indexed data, specific source rights, number of search and computing units, number of monitored accounts, virtual processors, user seats, application case, storage capacity, etc.) purchased for an offer, as shown in the corresponding order. You`ll find the capabilities of each of our offerings here: www.splunk.com/en_us/legal/licensed-capacity.html. Splunk Technology Alliance Partner Team splunkTAP@carahsoft.com 855-377-5865 Splunk Inc.