South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement covers the entire state, but some occupations are limited to regions. There are strict policy guidelines with both the Ministry of the Interior and the DAMA agreements. These include the assessment of compliance: the designated area has requirements for the approval of an employment contract that must be respected. Indeed, the DAMA criteria are based on the reduction of the requirements for visa 482 and visa 186. You may also want to consider hiring a registered migration manager if you need professional services. Concessions may apply to certain occupations for each DAMA territory. This may include salary, work experience, English concessions, etc. Please contact us to discuss these concessions if you are an employer who wishes to sponsor DAMA or a potential visa applicant with a sponsor in a DAMA region. Please note that there is no guarantee that the Australian government will grant a working agreement with the support of the regions. An Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a formal agreement between the Australian government and a regional, governmental or local authority.

It provides access to more foreign workers than the standard skilled migration program. DAMA works under an agreement that provides regions with flexibility to meet their unique economic and labour market conditions. A Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a kind of labour agreement. Employment contracts are employment agreements that allow licensed employers to attract skilled and skilled foreign workers to positions they cannot fill with local labour and in response to market shortages. These agreements are negotiated between the department and employers or industry associations. Other types of employment contracts are also: company-specific employment contracts, project agreements, the Global Talent Scheme (GST) and industrial employment contracts. For information on employment contracts or other options for regional areas, the resources available are: DAMas are intended for employers in designated areas to encourage skilled and skilled foreign workers when they lack skills and manpower. While DAMA focuses on the needs of the regional economy, candidates who would be interested in DAMA are among them; The Commission on Human Rights and Human Rights was established in 1990. Submit your e-application with the above supporting documents, which are clearly identified in separate PDF files, or send a backgrounder: This can be done for any investigation, conviction, finding of non-compliance, administrative measures or legal proceedings concerning a federal, regional or territorial law in areas such as: SA DAMA is covered by two agreements that provide legitimate professions and concessions: the following are adapted to the NT programme, but similar measures are likely as soon as another area applies.