If you regularly babysit a child, you should get parents to fill out medical consent forms that allow you to make medical decisions for their child. This will not make you a legal guardian, but it will ensure the safety and security of your parents in the event of an emergency. For more information on the medical care of children during babysitting, check out my article – Can a babysitter take a child for a doctor? If babysitting is your full-time job, you should consider insurance so you don`t cling to a big bill – look at my article Do Babysitters – Nannies Need Insurance? (Facilitator`s Guide) to learn more. When a babysitter is allowed to make decisions for a child through an approval form, any decision she makes is really the same as the parents have approved. In fact, it`s a good idea for parents to fill out consent forms for family members as well as babysitters just because you never know who will be nearby if their child has an accident! This free and printable babysitter PDF model medical consent form contains room for up to three children and offers permission to consent to the medical treatment of a minor child. Click on the model image to download it. You can fill out most of the information online and then print one or more copies. Use Adobe`s handy manual for troubleshooting when using PDFs. Once printed, all parents/guardians and the designated babysitter can sign the form in front of a witness who also signs the form. For this reason, it is preferable to have completed a more general medical treatment authorization and a consent form. Here and here you can find some examples. However, because laws may vary from country to country, it is best for parents to check these forms with a lawyer to make sure they are valid when you need them. Maybe you`re going on important points with the babysitter with these Red Cross babysitting manuals: Some babysitter support forms even put the kind of discipline you can use on the child without fear of reprisal from his parents.

This way, you can be sure to offer the kind of discipline that parents want. Parents can fill out additional babysitter authorization forms to fill out babysitter permits, register them for activities and much more.